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Self-taught music producer & composer, hobbyist writer and artist, and professional lover of tea and cheese. Might do commission work at some point.


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Posted by WolfgangMiakoda - 1 month ago

Breaking: Miakoda Opens Commissions!

This just in; composer of little fame, Wolfgang Miakoda, opens commission slots to the public. He's not really known for any outstanding work, mostly because he doesn't advertise for sh*t.


So some of you may be aware that I've been working on scoring WorldOfDex's indie title "Sirius: Age of the Free Agents", a small Sci-Fi 3rd person shooter. The contract involved the composition of seven tracks in total, with four ambient tracks, and the main menu track being handed to me, whilst my friend Elv (wonderful guy, go check him out) handled the two battle themes.

With the release of "Think", which is also public here on Newgrounds, the contract has finally come to a close. This means, that I am officially open to do commission work! Mother must be so proud of me.

So then, what can you expect of me? Well, I'm somewhat of a scientist myself, and I love to experiment with genres and instrumentation, so I'm experienced in a number of musical styles. The songs I post here on Newgrounds are great examples of my work. Once I've got a solid idea I can work relatively quickly. Do note that I specialize in more orchestral arrangements, and low-energy electronic music.

I try to stay in frequent contact with commissioners, to get their input on what I make, to ensure that they get the best that I can give them.

So, interested? No? Well too bad. But if you ever change your mind, feel free to drop me a private message with your request. We can discuss rates and the contract specifics there, so we both get out of this deal what we want. Maybe I'll see you there?

Sincerely, Wolfgang Miakoda.


Posted by WolfgangMiakoda - August 9th, 2019

So I've been on vacation for the past two weeks. Kinda inconvenient timing with the NGUAC and NGADM going on right now. Still, I was able to crank out Nebula (somehow). Hopefully I'll be able to put in some more time into the tracks for the NGADM, and possibly the following rounds if I make it there. We'll see.


Posted by WolfgangMiakoda - March 11th, 2019

So, I finally took the time to make a Newgrounds account; felt like I may have been sleeping on a whole lot of people out here. So, who am I exactly?

Wolfgang Miakoda, music producer & composer, at your service. I'm not a full-time composer (though I sorely wish I was), so I spend most of whatever free time I have making music. Most of my releases are of the "free-to-use-as-long-as-proper-credit-is-provided" type, which shouldn't really be a problem here on Newgrounds, from what I've seen. I'll be posting my self-released discography up till now on here in due time, so that you fellas can have a peak at what I make. Naturally, I'll try my best to keep this place up to date as well (I'll try at least harder than I do with my Youtube channel).

Other than my fully fledged self-releases, I think I may also post some smaller projects that I don't want to spend hours on here; WIPs, funny one-offs, sound experiments, that sort of thing.

With that said, I think I'll conclude this post. I hope you'll find my crafts to your liking.

Sincerely, Wolfgang Miakoda.